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February 6,7,8, 2015


Athens, Georgia




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"Fallujah Good"



Date: Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Time: 2PM - 4 PM

  Location: Morton Theatre  

195 W. Washington St.

Athens, GA 30601




Saturday February 8, 2014

Morton Theatre

"Fallujah, Good"


A little about the show:

Fallujah Good is an adaptation of my brother's combat journal from the Battle of Fallujah in 2004. Its entirely his words and thoughts, I just arranged them. The language is tough and descriptive, but is appropriate to war and certainly from a Marine's point of view. The show runs about an hour long and I usually do a talk back afterwards. Most importantly, however, is that it is decidedly apolitical. There is not agenda, only a human story of war that seems to resonate across the generations.

-Benjamin Mathes

A little about the main character:

My brother, Capt. Adam Mathes was stationed at Pendleton for 5 years and served on 3 deployments to Iraq. His first deployment was to Fallujah, during which, he kept a detailed combat journal. Upon his return, I worked with him to turn his journal into a one-man show. I have toured the show off and on for nearly 4 years in 5 states and for over 1000 veterans and countless civilians. My brother recently completed seminary at Emory University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Historical Theology at Emory University.

***As it is certainly a war-time piece, it is not recommended for children. However, adults of all generations have responded well to the show. Often, the talk backs are lengthy and tear filled.



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